23″ Fibreglass Mono Arowana Hull

22" Arowana Mono Hull

You are buying a 22.5″ / 570mm Arowana Deep-vee Mono 1 Competition Racing Boat Hull. This hull is 100% handmade with FRP fibreglass and comes with a super smooth white gel coat finish. It comes out of the box with the hull polished to a mirror like shine with streamline design. Putting some simple decals would stand out your racer in the crowd!

One of the features of this boat is, we integrated a innovative anti-turnover design with this mono 1 competition boat. In case water get into the hull and turnover the boat, the boat will turn to normal slowly and get back to the track itself! You do not need to get back the boat in the middle of the lake with tons of works. Those holes on the hull are for this function!

The hull is super light which is just about 426g (without other hardware). Comparing with most of the cheap plastic made racing boats in the market , FRP fibreglass is much stronger and more professional!


  • Anti-turnover design.
  • Suitable for Mono 1 competition.
  • Flat surface bottom for high speed racing!
  • Handmade.
  • Ultra strength polyester fiberglass material.
  • Strong and Light Weight.
  • Streamline Design.
  • 22.5″ / 570mm Long.
  • Polished like mirror.



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