23″ Mono Ocean Force Fibreglass Anti-Turnover Hull

23" Ocean Force Mono Hull

New RC Mono Racing Boat on the go! Look at this brother boat of 22.5″ Deep-vee Arowana, eye at front, changes to the Structure Design given a more playful Journey. Giving it Long Life with the Anti-Turnover Design.

Whenever the boat turns upside down, water crowd into the segregated cabin meanwhile the boat lean to one side. Giving forward power, water flows out from the tail hole and finally back to normal balance!

Made up of Epoxy Fibreglass, still retaining it’s strong and light properties. Colour is less fadable, very long shaping and is hard to transform.

Ocean Force shapes slenderer with Knifer bottom. The boat tail reinforced with Wooden Pieces protecting Hull as devices will hang down during high speed running.

Picking Plastic Partition between devices storage and water cabin makes good for maintenance. Aside structural advantages, it looks better while not affecting entire view of Inner Cabin.

Now available for Hull Version, just need your buddy devices to run!

Features :

  • Not easy fading or transforming
  • Large Cabin
  • Plastic Transparent Partition
  • Suitable for Mono competition.
  • Handmade
  • Ultra strength Epoxy fiberglass material
  • Strong and Light Weight
  • Streamline Design

Please note the hull doesn’t have holes for hardware as in illustration. Transom is blank for you to drill for what ever hardware you desire.

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