31″ Fibreglass F1 Tunnel Hull

30" F1 Tunnel Hull

Top rated Epoxy Fibreglass composite made Tunnel Hull, going with Streamline Tunnel Cover discovering high speed fun! Illustrious light and strong FRP materials guarantee shape and colour. If you want sustainable FUN, this FRP electric powered model is right your mind!
Plastic cabin cover ensures drops-free for all devices but not giving weight to the hull. Balsa Wood Made Motor & Servo Mount ready in the hull, enhanced extra layer polish strengthen against humidity.
As we know weight is the teeth concern for rising speed, we gave our best to reduce the unusable area in wooden mounts and introduce different light materials to fit various use.
Are you ready?


  • Tunnel Hull Design
  • Waterproof Transparent Cabin Cover
  • Streamline Hull boost performance
  • Polished like Mirror
  • Fine cut
  • Suitable for outboard drives



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