36″ Fox Catamaran Fibreglass Hull Prepainted

36" Fox Catamaran Hull

This 36″ / 930mm Fox Catamaran light weight FRP fibreglass boats are built for Fast Electric Rc Boat Racing. Hull and deck are joined leaving only a very small width seam, similar to the European designed hulls.

The hull is 100% handmade with Epoxy fibreglass, which is much stronger, lighter, elastic and professional than most of the cheap plastic made or more environmental friendly then polyester made racing boats in the market and the hull is comes with a super smooth gel coat finish. It is super light which is just about 1560g.

Colours currently in stock are Blue with lighting only


  • Design for Fast Electric RC Boat Racing.
  • Ultra strength Epoxy fibreglass material
  • Strong and Light Weight
  • Streamline Design
  • Polished like mirror

note: Every Boat is spray painted by hand individually, pattern may be slightly different.



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