Feetech Standard 16.9kg.cm HV Programmable Digital metal gears servo Fi7617M

Feetech Servo

The brand new programmable servo of FEETECH, can be upgraded online via computer, it has adjustable parameters, to make you enjoy the high performance servo
Standard digital Titanium gears servo, 2BB
Coreless motor, Aluminium middle hull
Operating Voltage: 2-cell Li-Po power
Dead band width: 2usc
Interface: (like JR)
Wire length: 30cm

1. FAIL SAFE, On or Off
2. Direction of Rotation
3. Travel Speed
4. Servo Max Torque limit, and Punch
5. Centre, End, and FAIL SAFE Point
6. Signal Pulse Set-Up
7. Stretch (Holding Power, Running Power, Acceleration and Deceleration)
8. Dead Band Width
9. Resolution Setup
10.“Save and Open” File Options
11. Reset Factory Default Data
12.Read and Write Servo Data


Power: 7.4 – 8.4V
Speed: 0.14sec@60degree(7.4V) / 0.12sec@60degree(8.4V)
Torque: 14.8kg.cm@205.5 oz.in / 16.9kg.cm@234.7 oz.in
Weight: 56g (1.41oz)
Size:  40.2 x 20.0 x 38.6mm
Application: Aeroplane, Car, Truck, Boat

Complete with:
Servo × 1PCS
Servo arm × 1 PCS

USB sold separately here: http://www.performancemodels.co.uk/product/feetech-programming-usb-interface-programmable-servos/


Price Units
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