I.C Model Boat Remote Servo Radio Operated Mixture Needle

IC Remote Mixture Needle

This range of  remote operated mixture needles is designed with professional boaters in mind.

The mixture needle can be controlled from distance using your radio and a servo.

Made from Stainless Steel with bulk head fixing or can be mount to engine mounts.
2 Allen keys provided in the package.

Radio Needle operated manually or servo operated.You can adjust mixture on the move.Bulkhead fixing or can be fixed to motor mount.

Fixing instructions:

Bulkhead fixing- use angle bracket for pilot holes (4mm drill). Enlarge to 8mm so top hat rubbers go right through hole.Use ball joint for arm.

When tightening arm place light pressure on arm to seal.Fuel inlet bottom,nipple  / outlet top.

Sold per unit

Price Units
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