Seaking LED Program Card For Brushless ESC (Version 2.0)



This program card is used to set the programmable parameters of brushless ESC, it has a friendly user interface to set the programmable parameters very easily. It is pocket-sized, so you can bring it to the racing or flying field conveniently.

Product Number:EM-005

This is available for SEAKING series boat ESC

Spec. and Dimensions
Size:  88mm (L) * 58mm (W) * 14mm (H)
Weight:  40g.
Input Voltage:  4.8-6V (If the ESC hasn’t a built-in BEC, you must use an additional battery pack to supply the program card)

#1Running Mode
#2Lipo Cells
#3Low Voltage Cutoff Threshold?

Hobbywing LED Program Card For for SEAKING series boat ESC(Version 2.0 )


Price Units
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