Leopard 2850 4430KV Class Inrunner Brushless Motor

Leopard Motor LBP3674 2650kv image

Red leopard LBP2850-4430KV 4-Poles Inrunner Brushless Motor for boat

New design,four-pole rotor,the overall efficiency of more than 90%
Extremely low temperature without additional heat sink can meet the vast majority of applications
Compared to competitive products,lighter weight,higher torque
Use of high-quality materials:aluminum alloy shell fine,high-quality magnetic steel,high temperature wire,imported high-quality bearings
Rotor using special materials reinforced,high-speed operation under the non-burst phenomenon
Good heat dissipation ,high overload capacity
Low electromagnetic interference
Minimum required electrical maintenance
Long life

Model: LBP2850/3D
Max Amps: 75A
Lipo Cell: 13V
Max Power: 1000W
KV(RPM/Volt): 4430KV
Resistance: 0.0199
No-load Current(7.4V)1.7A
DiameterĂ—Length (mm): F28.0Ă—64
Mounting hole depth: 5mm
Length of extend Shaft : 12mm
Shaft Diameter (mm): F4
Weight: 145G

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