Hifei Swordfish ESC Pro+ 200A 4S – 12S

Hifei Swordfish 200amp 4-12S ESC


  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Aluminium PCB Technology
  • The Most Advanced Automotive Level High Power MOSFETs
  • Built-In Data Logger (record critical parameters: Current/Voltage/Motor RPM/Temprature/Throttle Travel)
  • Integrated the double water cooler, Anti splash water
  • High rate adjustable switching (PWM:8KHz/12KHz/16KHz)
  • Programmable low voltage cutoff
  • Programmable cutoff types(soft cutoff/hard cutoff)
  • Time advance programmable (auto/low/middle/high,0~30 degree optional)
  • Programmable startup type(very soft start/soft start/fast start)
  • Thermal Protection(100 centigrade)
  • Runs motor in forward or reverse by swapping any two motor wire connections.
  • Safe ‘power on’ arming program ensures motor will not accidentally turn on.
  • Auto shut down when signal is lost or radio interference becomes severe for more than 0.1 seconds. After radio connection has been reestablished, moving the throttle to the lowest position can restart the motor.
  • The ESC is disabled when the voltage is over 51v at power-on


  • Voltage Input: 4S – 12S Lipo Cell
  • Continuous Current (surge): 200A (230A)
  • BEC: No (Opto)
  • Programmability: HiFei Program Box, HiFei USB Linker, HiFei ProgCard
  • Data Logger: Yes
  • Program Setting Software: HiFei Software 4.0X
  • Dimensions: 120 x 54 x 26mm
  • Weight: 258g


Hifei Programming Box
Hifei Programming Card
Hifei USB Linker

Data Logging Software Download available for free from our news forum


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